How to prevent your Business from being Branded ordinary!

One way is to know know the difference between Branding & Marketing?
A lot of Marketers use Buzzwords like Growth Hacking , storyscaping & culture of content etc etc.
So what I’m about to reveal today is designed to inform you that Branding is not for every small business.

So before you choose a Marketing expert ask them these 3 questions

  • ŸCan they provide you with a ROI figure from campaigns they’ve done on other similar businesses to yours?
  • Can  they provide you with any samples of their successful work for clients?
  • Do they have a back up plan just in case their Branding campaign doesn’t work?

Branding is defined as sign , symbol, logo, design that is easily identifiable to the consumer that is meant

To differentiate that sellers product to their competitors.

Marketing Is defined as the means of communicating to the end user why a particular product or brand is better
Than a rivals brand and the benefit of using that product.
So the best way to build your own business brand is by communicating effectively to your target market.

The best solution in a crowded online market place is to build your brand is via education marketing.

As a newbie on the Marketing merry go round I’m by no means sharing advice that is radical.

email marketing would have to be the most effective and cost effective way to educate your audience

Now lets do the maths.

ISP Charges  $1.00 for clicking your mouse

Add 15 minutes of your time to write an email  say hourly Wage say is $40/Hr

Your Cost so far  ISP Charges + Your Time = $11.00

Say you eventually sell $100.00 worth of goods  your ROI is a staggering $89.00

According to Danny Ivy’s new book The Audience Revolution Basically you want to avoid the old model of creating an offer and then finding a buyer is obsolete

Basically Advertising is a science and the results of various adverts must be tested first in order to find out what works best for your business.

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Face Book Photo    ABOUT CARLO GUZZI?

  • I have had 25 years Small Business Experience as Marketing Manager/owner of  a WA(Western Australian) based Ceramic Tile importing business
  • Worked in other various other industries such  as Real Estate , Filtration, Stainless Steel &  Giftware wholesaling  in Senior Sales roles.
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