Do you want to become a Marketing Giant slayer in your industry!

I don’t know about you but I’m always checking out what my competitors are doing on FB.

It’s interesting to see how I measure up against the rest.

I see myself as the underdog just like the famous biblical tale of David vs Goliath.

At first glance people will always favour the more recognisable brand.

The Goliath Case example:

But being a giant doesn’t mean your quicker, it just means your stronger.

For example one company advertised on FB they are offering WordPress courses on how

To create your own website over a weekend.

I was curious so I filled out the survey form.

One week later I get a response from that WordPress expert.

A pretty sloppy effort in the Service dept don’t you think?

David Case Example

Just like David I’m agile and quicker off my feet that way I can pivot into a more

Advantageous position.

one way I build trust with my subscribers is by offering FREE Marketing tips delivered to their inbox daily.

So when you’ve got a Marketing issue in your business who are you going to turn to?

Someone who is slow off the Mark but will more than likely charge a hefty price for

Their service

Or Someone that delivers valuable content on a regular basis with an additional


Are you an underdog in your industry? If so I’d love to be able to help you to become a Giant Slayer!

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  • I have had 25 years Small Business Experience as Marketing Manager/owner of  a WA(Western Australian) based Ceramic Tile importing business
  • Worked in other various other industries such  as Real Estate , Filtration, Stainless Steel &  Giftware wholesaling  in Senior Sales roles.
  • Follow me on twitter @No1Bossfan or go to my BIZ FB page www.facebook,com/carloguzzimarketing

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