Discover the Marketing power of Passion over money!

Do what you love and the  money will come last!

Haven’t you seen this been touted about by success people.

You see we live in a world of instant gratification where society expects us to be all

Overnight business Successes.

So what do you do when despite your best efforts that doesn’t happen?

You buy that lotto ticket

You look to hook up with a successfully rich person so you’re set for life

You hire a Marketing guru?

Well the good news is that you need to do any of the above to be a success.

Basically if you’re a person driven by passion and that passion keeps you up at night , gets you

Up in the early hours of the morning that thought process is so much more powerful than being

Restricted by the thought of “I have to Sell more” or I have to be more successful”.

You see your greatest gift you can offer to the world is expressing your uniqueness.

And the ultimate satisfaction is making a decent living from that.

So you need to ask yourself this question right now. What is my why?

For example my why in my business is …….

I love to write motivating emails so I can help Small BIZ owners gain customers fast

On a shoestring budget.

So what I gain from that is PERSONAL SATISFACTION.

What they gain is FREE KNOWLEDGE and a unfair advantage over your competition.

So if you’re reading this and are wondering how am I going to live a more meaningful Career/Worklife balance

Try this  homework assignment below and email me your results….


  • Work out your why.
  • Work out what makes are you so passionate about your business

Start writing the answers on a piece of paper and then implement them in your advertising

and you’ll see your focus will start to change very rapidly..

Let me know how you go! I’m here to help

Just to prove I’m no B.S Blogger check out one of my email subscribers reaction to my Micro idea.

Hello Carlo This is an excellent email, on top of others you have sent through”.

Our Marketing Plan and Marketing Content Strategy are now complete thanks to last night’s email. We will provide services regarding our specialties to organisations of up to 100 employees across all sectors i.e. local government, public sector, private sector and not for profits.

I also have a client who is looking to launch a new product, which I need to discuss with you.

S Fletcher

Principal & Business Consultant , Strategic Teams

Face Book Photo


  • I have had 25 years Small Business Experience as Marketing Manager/owner of  a WA(Western Australian) based Ceramic Tile importing business
  • Worked in other various other industries such  as Real Estate , Filtration, Stainless Steel &  Giftware wholesaling  in Senior Sales roles.
  • Follow me on twitter @No1Bossfan or go to my BIZ FB page for further FREE Marketing updates  www.facebook,com/carloguzzimarketing


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