Marketing content is King so don’t hesitate to trigger your RAS!

Maybe some of us aren’t all born brilliant blog writers ?

There are a lot of Marketing Buzzwords out there in 2015 like

Content Marketing

Curated Content

Growth Hacking


So if you’re a Small Business owner and you are great at what you do but are not sure to publish blogs ,

or any online content.

Don’t feel bad because an internet dummy like me can show you how to unleash your creative power.

Well basically the answer is a bunch of nerves  located at the base of our skull somewhere between

the Medullla Oblongata and Mesencephalon.


Psychologists refer to this sensation as our RAS.


It’s main function is to filter out what you’re hearing and what’s in your subconscious mind.

Similar to how a secretary filters out the nuisance phone calls to prevent the Company Executive from getting interrupted.

Now let’s face it we are all consumers by nature.

Just say you want to buy a luxury car and research everything about it online.

The next day you might  be driving on the way to work and that same car you were looking for starts appearing

just everywhere.

You see those cars would have been there anyway.

It’s your RAS that hones in on that vehicle.

So how does this relate to Marketing , especially writing blogs ?

Well basically if you want to get good at this skill just like me you need a trigger point.

Last October I made a decision that I wanted to get good at email Marketing.

So I began to start listening to other Marketing Guru’s podcasts so I could learn to master this skill.

Basically all you have to do is start with an idea and  every time you’d be randomly doing an activity like

Chatting to a friend

be driving,

or be reading a book

your RAS will literally trigger an avalanche of ideas.

So if you want to come up with a great content for your business follow these steps

  • For example if you’re a Web designer try writing about hot topics like Social Media Advertising and break it down into sub headings like Facebook , Twitter , WordPress , Google Adwords, & Google Analytics.
  • Then in each category write about the solutions to common problems faced with clients  associated to the above topics.
  • Soon as you have a brainstorm get in the habit of having a notebook handy or use terrific apps like Evernote or Omni Focus that literally store thousands of ideas.

Could this secret be the big difference in getting your Blog read by lots of google visitors?

The hardest part is getting started.

You could say that once you’ve let the genie out of the bottle there’s no way of putting it back.

Let’s face it’s 2015 & content is King! So make money out of your RAS!

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  • Worked in other various other industries such  as Real Estate , Filtration, Stainless Steel &  Giftware wholesaling  in Senior Sales roles.
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