Sales is no longer about hype!


My theory of why the Internet was invented in the first place was to eliminate the need for
Sales People.
In the past being in Sales mean’t your were in a tainted profession.
Slick as a Snake Oil Salesman was one common reference.
But when you really look at it to sell is a basic human function.
Let me further expand on this by relating this to our everyday life.
When our kids are toddlers we are trying to sell them sleep.
Teachers are trying to sell students if they do their homework they’ll end up in a better career.
Employers when interviewing a new recruit are trying to sell the benefits of that job.
Today the role of the Sales person has changed to being the facilitator.
So my advice to all Small BIZ owners is you don’t want to come across as being too needy.
Because neediness is the result of a lack of a Marketing plan
All people want these days is to provide them with the correct information first.
So when they are ready to make their final decision they will call the business that has given them

The appropriate information
The Right Product at the right price

An excellent book that further expands on the principle of Why Smart Marketing is more about

help than Hype is Youtility by Jay Baer

Go Here to get Jay’s Book

So don’t ever feel like you’re an average Sales person if you don’t have a steady flow of clients
because being the facilitator has it’s Rewards.
You seen when your competitor stuff ups and you’ve been constantly communicating
With your potential customer
Who do you think they are going to call?

You of Course ?
So persist , persist & persist with your Marketing efforts.
Because like a garden the more times you water it & fertilise it will grow ?

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  • Worked in other various other industries such  as Real Estate , Filtration, Stainless Steel &  Giftware wholesaling  in Senior Sales roles.
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