Monetizing Influence Marketing – A Case Study #socialselling #MarketingAutomation

Thoughts on influence Marketing!

Blog by @Timothy_Hughes

chiefmarketerThe world has changed, buyers now have the tools at their finger tips to allow them to research you and your competitors products services without the need to talk with your sales force.

I Sell Stuff, What is the Relevance? I don’t do Marketing

While the word Marketing is in the title of this, there is a clear reason (winning more deals) why Sales would be interested in this from both a Demand Generation as well as an Enterprise Sales pursuit point of view.

Are all Your Bases Covered?

Research from LinkedIn shows that in any Enterprise sales 4.7 people are involved, do you have all the bases covered? When the decision is made and recommendations are made and votes on solutions asked for. Are all the votes for you?

There are influential people in and outside of your accounts that people turn to for advice, these people could be…

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